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Miko’s photos from Jerusalem and Basel

April 14, 2012

Miko’s been doing some great things in the past couple of weeks. Including, Passover in Jerusalem with his family. Plus, of course, the launch he did for The General’s Son at the American Colony Hotel last week, and a subsequent talk at Al-Quds University. While at Al-Quds University, he visited the Abu Jihad Prisoners’ Museum– and he took this great photo of a map they have there showing all (or most) of the prisons and detention facilities in which Israel incarcerates Palestinian prisoners… Of whom, currently, there are well over 6,000.

We thought this is a fascinating map. A whole new way to visualize the “Holy Land”…

This week, he’s been in Switzerland. In Bern, yesterday, he and his sister Nurit Peled-Elhanan had a great crowd at a gathering held by Palestinian solidarity organizations. Photos from that soon, we hope!)

He also got to visit Basel, where he had his photo taken on a balcony made famous 120 years ago by the founder of Zionism as an actual political movement, Theodor Herzl. He wrote on Twitter: “At Basel we contemplated how to end Zionism… at Hertzl’s famous balcony.”

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