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By Leila Diab, in ‘Muslim Journal’

Leila Diab’s review appears in the April 2012 edition of Muslim Journal, where sadly it is behind a paywall. But she was happy to share some of her favorite excerpts from the review, here:

“Miko Peled’s unconventional, historically well written life story and experiences portray his desire for morals and unlimited possibilities. And one of those unlimited, equal possibilities is for human beings, Palestinians and Israelis, to be born free.”

“The author Miko Peled is an an Israeli who was born in Jerusalem and the son of a well known Israeli General, Matti Peled who later in life became an Arabist and a staunch peacemaker. Miko as a young boy always had a dream of becoming a karate, martial arts expert and it appears that ambition adds to his riveting style of writing that takes the reader on a discovery journey of truthful relativity.

“What Miko describes in his book is a compelling and honest journey to unveil the many mythical and yet, abhorrent Israeli government ‘truths’ especially, addressing the many myths about Palestinians both inside and outside of Palestine.

“For example, there is the myth that Arabs are filthy, unorganized, and uneducated or just plain terrorists. As Miko’s journey took him to meet Palestinians just like his father did, and was driven by deep moral convictions and principles, still many Israeli government officials balked at this commonsense rhetoric to bring an end to the occupation and all of its violence and killings.

“When a mother loses a child due to violence, murder or terrorism, the whole family mourns and suffers. Miko can unfortunately attest to this as well. His sister’s daughter was killed in Jerusalem by Palestinian suicide bombers. And in the sense of that painful reality, one can only imagine if the Israeli government would have listened to General Matti Peled’s initial recommendation that the Israeli government should sit down and negotiate instead of fight with the Palestinian Liberation Movement, maybe all of the killings of innocent people on both sides, could have been avoided.

“Miko……is often asked, ‘How it was that your father developed such clear and insightful opinions on this issue?’ The only answer Miko could think of was that his father was a principled man through and through and that he did not accept the double standards. And, the Jewish people deserve to live on the same land as the Palestinians and yet, they [the Palestinians] are deprived of their rights.”

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