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From Huda Husseini, Chicago

“I just finished reading your book, and I cannot but heartily send my sincere appreciation to what you represent and stand for. Your book gives hope for a better future for all. The fact that you are the son of a General and were raised as a Zionist and became a peace activist is fascinating by itself. I enjoyed the journeys that you’ve made across Israel/Palestine as you call it. I embrace the friendships you’ve developed and the good you’re planting in your kids and in the Palestinian kids whom you teach Karate. I cannot single out any incident that I’ve read in the book that has touched me the most. This book is life-changing! Thank you!

“… My father is Majed El-Husseini. He was born in 1932 in Jerusalem. He moved to study in Egypt and never returned back but a big part of him was left behind. He was given the Jordanian citizenship. I silently felt and shared his passion, pain and longing to Palestine. I was never involved in politics and as most of my generation, had minimal understanding and interest in history. I’ve never been to Jerusalem as I never wanted to have to deal with Israelis. It wasn’t until I came across a YouTube movie about Shministim that I started realizing that not all Israelis are murders or potential murderers.

“… As I expressed earlier, your book is the trigger that I was waiting for. It is very therapeutic and your experience portrays the steps one can follow to ‘break the ice’ and deal with unresolved emotions and move on to build a better future for everyone.”

Huda Husseini

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